Debilitation of Lord of Ascendant

The Ascendant is the primary area of the horoscope and the remaining of the homes are reckoned from it. It signifies the overall look, personality and temperament of the local. The lord/area of ascendant signifies the local’s power, vigour and disposition, his natural instincts and persona are judged from this area.

The planets are within the state of weak point if occupying a selected signal and fails to give protection to/advertise the precise characterises ruled through them, are stated to be within the state of debilitation.

Lord of ascendant performs an important function in assessing one’s bodily, psychological and emotional features, therefore in debilitated state; they don’t seem to be succesful of generating effects anticipated through them.

The effects of debilitation of lord of ascendant for various ascendant indicators are proven under:


  • Mars being lord of ascendant and eighth area, posited in 4th area, within the signal of debilitation.
  • Indicates rash and competitive, perspective. The local will lose mood temporarily, signifies lack of power and braveness.
  • Due to their impulsive nature they begin any paintings in flash and lead to a crash.
  • The local will vulnerable to widespread accidents and injuries specifically to go. Surgery is really useful in lots of instances. Fear of drowning, and risk of biting from toxic creatures.
  • The local is at risk of be afflicted by complications, chest ache, hypertension, burns, inflammatory sicknesses, affliction of the mind, migraine, small pox, malaria, thrombosis and many others.
  • Differences with mom are indicated, loss of immovable houses, promoting of conveyance and struggling for the standard shipping, termination or suspension of process, loss of litigation and loss of mass-support.
  • This place of Mars is beneficial for career/service because it facets the 10th area, its area of exaltation.


  • The Venus being lord of ascendant and sixth area, positioned in fifth area within the state of debilitation.
  • The local will earn cash through unscrupulous method, have further marital affairs, might face imprisonment for his sexual benefits, loss in hypothesis, and separation from youngsters, and feature corporate of malefic individuals.
  • Frequent affected by tonsils, diphtheria, and pyorrhoea, zits on face, and eye hassle, and constipation is indicated. The restoration from any diseases is in most cases very sluggish.
  • This place of Venus is beneficial for source of revenue, because it facets the 11th area, the home of its exaltation.


  • Mercury being lord of ascendant and 4th positioned in 10th area in its debilitated signal.
  • The local can be a smug, cleaver, crafty, showy particular person, lair and misbehaviour.
  • The local will utter falsehood or cheat others for his advantages and with consistent mood- swings they are going to make errors because of their haste movements and fickle thoughts.
  • The local will face many stumbling blocks in his skilled existence and lacks the artwork of mastering any topic. They might face hurdles from executive.
  • Open distinction from father is indicated, the local might face scandal and ill-reputation in his skilled existence because of his malefic speech. He is accountable for his personal downfall.
  • The local might be afflicted by lungs an infection, eosinophilia, T.B., pulmonary sicknesses, chilly, and will have faulty apprehensive machine.
  • This placement of Mercury is really helpful for obtaining immovable belongings, as a result of Mercury facets the 4th area the signal of its exaltation.


  • Moon as debilitated lord of ascendant, is being positioned in fifth area.
  • Lack of persistence and staying power, over sensitivity and indolence is indicated. The local will have fickle thoughts and egocentric perspective.
  • Differences with youngsters are indicated. The youngsters could also be ungrateful, disobedient, untrue and undutiful.
  • The local will have susceptible pulmonary and digestive machine, middle issues, alcohol- dependancy, afflictions of lungs, continual chilly, bronchial asthma, T.B., gall stone, apprehensive debility, worms, concern complicated, compulsive issues, dropsy, flatulence.
  • Sometimes lunacy and loss of reminiscence may be related to this state of Moon.
  • It is beneficial for source of revenue as Moon facets the 11th area, it is signal of exaltation.


  • Sun because the lord of ascendant, positioned in third area, within the state of debilitation.
  • The local will have complicated nature, boastful, bluff and feature lack of braveness. He can be over bold, self opinionated, jealous and insulting.
  • Lack of more youthful siblings or distinction with them is indicated.
  • The local might endure repeatedly from issues of eyes, backbone, middle and bones. Palpitation, irritation, sunstroke, giddiness, epilepsy, loss of speech because of cerebral an infection, bile-complaints and sicknesses of head are some issues resulted through this explicit placement of solar.
  • This is a beneficial placement of Sun for the fortune of the local, as Sun facets ninth area, its signal of exaltation.


  • Mercury because the lord of ascendant and 10th, positioned in seventh area within the debilitated signal.
  • Loss in career, trade or industry, consistent betrayal of existence and trade companions, divorce, pretend contracts and agreements, litigations, pending dues and many others.
  • The local might face shame, discredit and scandal in skilled existence.
  • This place of Mercury is inimical to longevity of father.
  • It brings ill-health for kids or the money owed incurred through them.
  • The local might be afflicted by digestive and intestinal issues, susceptible apprehensive machine and abdomen, disturbed psychological standing.
  • The debilitated Mercury in seventh area facets the ascendant, which is the exaltation signal of the Mercury, signifies spectacular frame constructed.


  • Venus because the lord of ascendant and eighth area, positioned in 12th area within the signal of debilitation.
  • They spend lavishly on luxuries and on sexual gratification, so cash might move via their palms very simply.
  • The local will have addictive behavior.
  • The local might vulnerable to infectious sicknesses, issues in kidney, joints and backbone is indicated, uterus and appendix are affected.
  • It signifies dying in clinic, or hospitalization because of deadly illness.
  • The local might bask in framing secret plots, schemes, and conspiracies.
  • It indicates illness of existence spouse. Danger, difficulties and sadness to youngsters is indicated.
  • The local might face imprisonment, exile and extradition in his lifetime.
  • As the Venus facets the sixth area, its signal of exaltation indicating fondness for great meals, acquire from servants and maternal uncles.


  • Mars because the lord of ascendant and 4th area, positioned in ninth area in its debilitated signal.
  • The local might face many stumbling blocks and hindrance within the trail of fortune and prosperity.
  • They are careless about their faith and philosophical ideals
  • The local will have consistent accidents because of fall, susceptible middle, acute fevers, and hypertension, muscular rheumatism and many others.
  • Severe illness to father is indicated and enmity from mom is imaginable.
  • Mars on this place aspecting the third area, the home of its exaltation, signifies company from siblings and brave perspective.


  • Jupiter because the lord of ascendant and 4th, being posited in 2d area within the signal of its debilitation.
  • The local will have faulty eye-sight, sciatica, rheumatic ache, fractures, gout, and lung troubles.
  • They have to stand non-corporation and shame from their circle of relatives and family members.
  • Besides dependancy inclinations, he will have very stinky and rash speech.
  • This place of Jupiter is beneficial for longevity of the local


  • Saturn because the lord of ascendant and 2d area, positioned in 4th area, the home of its debilitation.
  • It displays the impolite nature of the local.
  • Separation or war of words with mom is indicated.
  • Non-corporation from mass.
  • Loss of inheritance and immovable houses is indicated.
  • Danger /dying/lengthen illness to father.
  • The local will have consistent chilly, ache in joints and chest, bone T.B., mottled tooth and fluorine intoxication, pores and skin sicknesses.
  • As Saturn aspecting the 10th area, its signal of exaltation, offers balance to at least one’s occupation and career.


  • Saturn because the lord of ascendant and 12th area positioned in third area, the home of its fall.
  • The local don’t get love and affection of siblings, because of their stinky nature.
  • It signifies stumbling blocks in training.
  • Injury and fractures of limbs and palms is indicated, enamel hassle, infectious sicknesses, varicose vein, spinal issues and E.N.T. sicknesses.
  • As the Saturn facets the ninth area, the signal of its exaltation is beneficial for father.


  • Jupiter being the lord of ascendant and 10th area, positioned in 11th area, in its signal of debilitation.
  • The local will have egoistic perspective, but even so addictive inclinations and bitter speech.
  • The local lacks the happiness and company from spouse and kids.
  • They might lack elder siblings.
  • The local might be afflicted by jaundice, affliction to ankle and toes, hollow in middle and liver issues and many others.
  • As the Jupiter is aspecting the fifth area, the home of its exaltation signifies just right training and love from more youthful siblings.
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