EC To Hear BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay’s Opposition To INC’s ‘Palm of Hand’ Poll Symbol

The Election Commission of India has afforded a chance to BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay of being heard on his software in quest of the route of withdrawal and cancellation of the election image ‘Palm of Hand’, allocated to the Indian National Congress, with fast impact.

In his letter to the ECI dated January 29, Upadhyay has contended that the aforesaid image is being abused through the birthday celebration applicants and their buddies in patent violation of the spirit of unfastened and truthful elections beneath Article 324 of the Constitution of India learn with General Conduct (four) of the Model Code of Conduct and Section 130 of the Representation of People Act, 1951.

It has been averred that on a connection with the Election Symbols Order, 1968 and the Handbook of Symbols to be had on the authentic website online of the Election Commission of India, it turns into obvious that of six National Parties, over 75 state events and 75 ‘free symbols’ of the ECI, the ‘palm of hand’ image allocated to the Congress is the one inseverable frame phase.

It has been claimed: “That even without resorting to any kind of election campaigning by a candidate of the Indian National Congress, it goes on unabated. Every time a candidate of the Congress party or his supporter passes through voters in public gathering, they use ‘Palm of Hand’ to solicit the vote for Congress candidate, not only prior to the polling, even on the polling day and also within the 100 meters periphery… The agents appointed by Congress candidates, brazenly solicit vote for Congress candidates by showing ‘Palm of Hand’ to voters on polling day within the polling premises in violation of the Model Code of Conduct and Section 130 of the Representation of the People Act 1951…Contesting candidates, supporters and election agents of the Congress misuse the election symbol ‘Palm of Hand’ even on the polling day and also inside the polling booths by gesturing and showing the preference for the voting by a simple wave of the hand, or even by just pointing to it…”

In his software, Upadhyay has lamented, “Complaints made to Presiding Officers at Polling Stations regarding this kind of misuse of election symbol ‘Palm of Hand’ have never yielded any result. It is clear that this misuse is only as a result of the allotment of a unique symbol which is inextricably linked to the human body, and in fact, the very part of which is essential for marking the vote with indelible ink (election ink)”.

He has trusted a answer, on an oral grievance on this behalf, of the Presiding Officer of polling cubicles that the latter is helpless because the election image ‘Palm of Hand’ is a component of the human frame and can’t be indifferent therefrom and therefore, if the contesting candidate or their brokers make any gesture with the ‘Palm of Hand’, it’s going to no longer be conceivable to take any motion.

He has additionally cited the example of the 2007 elections of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) when the State Election Commission had issued a realize to Congress leader Ram Babu Sharma for committing an identical violations and due to this fact closed the subject with a easy caution.

Upadhyay is scheduled to seem for a non-public listening to ahead of the Deputy Election Commissioner on Wednesday.

Read the Complaint Here

Updated: April 17, 2018 — 4:36 am
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