Indiana Roll of Attorneys gets a renewal

The Indiana Roll of Attorneys website gets a makeover in terms of searching attorneys. This new upgrade is favorable and likable as it features new ways of finding the required attorney by complying with the new methods of website search. Now, no one would have to wade in the never-ending list of names as they can get their attorney by either their name or their number. Apart from going new in terms of design, this website has managed to take a leap in providing key conveniences to the people.

Indiana Roll of Attorneys


Unlike the old website in which only the last name of the attorney could be entered, this new upgraded site has a more refined search ability. By narrowing the search results, it helps the searcher get the desired results soon. This is done by two ways: first, by entering the first and the last name of the attorney, and second, by providing the city of residence.

Last name

The new website features the capability of listing the names of the attorneys according to their last names. These last names now also include other similar names which have the last name intact to some prefix or suffix. For example, searching for “Smith” as the last name will also return searches including the names “Goldsmith”. This enables the search results to be as inclusive and relevant as possible, providing ease in picking out the required name among hundreds of others.

The number search

Every attorney is assigned a specific bar number, which goes with them through their entire career. The number includes a sequence and then two numbers preceded by a dash. Searching attorneys through bar number is also easy with this new website. By entering these numbers correctly into the search bar, the results can be obtained. Not just that, but by entering some of the numbers of the sequence, you can get searches which include these partial results.

Including the changed names

Those attorneys who have changed their names are also included in the search list with their new names. The change in their names does not make the whole searching process difficult. When given a particular old name, the results shown would have the name as it is in the search record. However, when clicked, it would show the changed name with a side note on the change of name.

The details added in the attorneys’ record

What really makes the new website a great innovation is the details which have now been included in the attorneys’ record. All of their pending case summaries are listed in chronological order, providing a complete insight into an attorney’s profile. The profile also displays information regarding any concluded case.

City search inclusion

As told above, the search of attorneys have been made more specific. By inclusion of the city search, the confusion of having same named attorneys for a given name is removed. This search also removes any ambiguity regarding any attorney belonging to a particular city if he or she is searched with that city and the result is unmatched.

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